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Dec 8, 2012 2:00am PST
caving, he stands up. he's been involved in a lot of interparty fights. most successfully, marco rubio. he beat charlie crist in a primary and one of his biggest failures is christine o'donnell. he's not afraid to get into the mix and we -- he didn't want to be here much longer. he was going to be out in 2016 so he was ready to go. you're right, the question is what does he do with this new position? use it to positive agenda? tell america what we stand for or, as many republicans we all talk too are worried about is he's going to use that perch to punish republicans who don't tow the tea party agenda. gwen: what is the tea party? we saw that with dick army and paid a lot of money basically to go away. we've seen a lot of shifts and moves. jim demint's departure from the south carolina senate seat races the question of who replaces him? >> right, and there's a tea party governor whom he elected and there's a lot of talk she should pick tim scott for that seat. also a tea party candidate and he's african-american. what a great opportunity. that i got criticized for not diversifying and anyb
Dec 7, 2012 8:00pm PST
getting comfortable in it. he's leaving a pretty impressive legacy behind. marco rubio. i don't know that he loved it all that much in the first place. this seems like a much better fit. >> republicans who are feeling pressured by the possible primary challenge. >> senator lindsay graham is one. how does this impact his prospects? >> lindsay graham has been a target for the right for some time. he's up in 2014. this is when that new senator appointed by governor haley would be up as well. part of this initially was good news if you're lindsay graham because conservatives are going to focus on that senate seat instead of him. but if he chooses someone like tim scott, who everyone in the party likes, who'sed a adequately conservative, they're going to train their sites back on graham's seat. look, he's survived challenges before. he's very well-liked but again, it's a republican primary in a time when you're going to have so much energy. >> doesn't lindsay graham's behavior on the senate floor and his prominence in some of these issues, really taking on the administration suggest he's
Dec 9, 2012 3:00pm PST
election, whether it was delaware, or supporting marco rubio early against charlie crist. the other unwritten stories that you have two major conservative figures leaving this week. you had big armey leaving freedomworks, a very conservative outfit aligned with the tea party, and getting, get this, and $8 million buyout. jim demint has a net worth -- average of $41,000. he is going to institution that pays its chief executive more than $1 million. armey-demint -- if the congregationalist. they came to do good and they're doing very well. [laughter] >> with him leaving the senate and going to the heritage foundation, the intellectual level of both places lifts up. now -- you got it. >> yeah, i got it. >> remember, heritage was the originator of the mandate for health insurance. >> he said that we spend too much time concentrating on obama and not our own positions, don't forget that it was demint who said in 2000 and that if we stop him on health care, this will be his waterloo, we will break him. he failed to do that. he has been a very partisan die for the whole time he has been in
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3